Thursday, February 15, 2007

Yes, that is a wall of snow behind my ride, Ruby! She sported icicles close to two feet long up until a week ago. Truly this winter has been one of the strangest winters across America in many years. Several areas across the US, including Anchorage, have experienced record storms. Alaska's largest city has gotten over 76" so far ... more than the 68" we normally receive in an entire winter. And we still have three more months of chilly goodness ahead! This hearty snowfall comes after several years of lame, low-snow winters in proudly rugged Alaska, and so for outdoor enthusiasts and shutterbugs it is an exciting time of year.

The key to enjoying being out in all this white stuff is to wear layers of polypropylene, silk and wool to help you take stay warm so you're not running for the car just about the time that great light shows up. Hats, earmuffs, parkas, and boots are necessities. Many seasoned outdoor photogs wear thin knit gloves inside heavy mittens and remove the outer gloves to operate their cameras. While you can also buy photographer's gloves with finger openings, I've found just cutting the fingertips off of an old pair of gloves works well, too.
- Laurie

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