Thursday, May 3, 2007

Just months after Alaska entered into statehood, Hawaii became the 50th state in the Union. Recently I had the pleasure of experiencing my first visit to this gorgeous Polynesian paradise. I truly felt blessed to have the opportunity to see Oahu. The plants and flowers there are amazing ... so lush, wild and fragrant! All the locals I met were kind and helpful. And I got to visit our friends at Pacific Stock, who have the best photos of Hawaii!

Though I stayed in the Waikiki Beach area I was fortunate enough to make several lovely drives exploring the sights and smells around the island. I found each area has something special about it. The peaceful refuge of the 400 acres of Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens at the foot of the steepled Koolau Mountains. The North Shore with waves as wild as their dedicated fans. And although Waikiki beaches are often crowded, there is still something wonderful about them. Everyday I saw people from all over the world on these tiny stretches of sand and shore ... all different shapes and sizes, infants to elders and I witnessed one thing they all had in common in spite of the barriers of language and culture. They were all having fun ... not just kinda-sorta fun, but the kind of exuberance only you feel when you are truly engaged in something. Whether it was a three year old discovering the ocean for the first time or an old timer getting reacquainted with the rhythm of the surf, their hearts seemed happy.

Maybe it's the Pisces in me, but I've decided that I am indeed a beach girl at heart, because I found myself to be supremely happy just standing in the waves. So I may have to make it my life's goal to visit all the beaches in Hawaii! My favorite escape was a fleeting afternoon searching for ocean treasures on My beach ... more commonly known as Kaaawa beach : - )

~ Laurie

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