Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Inspiration in Waves

Inspiration is something we photographers are always looking for, the engine or power to enable the index finger to press that shutter to create that "award winning" photo. Sometimes I find my inspiration comes in waves, sometimes tidal waves and other times 1 footers. Definetly not a constant stream of tidal wave evacuations going on here...

This past weekend I went on a hike with my husband and family. We hiked up the mountain, breathing in the fresh cold, spring air. I would turn around every once in awhile to take in the beautiful view and get a clear picture of how far we had come. When we summited and began our way onto the ridge we saw another hiker coming up the less steeper route. We made our way toward him, down the mountain slope. *Something to note for non-Alaskan's or just any average person, when hiking in winter or pre-spring always bring rain gear for your way down. *
As I reached the snow patch that extended down the mountain side I put my rain jacket hood up, zipped up my coat, laid down on my back and pushed my way down the mountain, along with my brother and husband, head first, sliding pretty fast for a rain coat. The "ghetto-glissading" I'd call it.
There is a great rugged, adventure, Alaska-ness feel that draws me to live in this great state, it's something I think you can find simliar in a lot of people who live up here. When I think about that, climb a mountain, get muddy mountain biking, or slide down a mountain slope in my rain gear like a kid, that wave of inspiration comes back and my index finger is excercised to push that shutter again (in the photographer's eye) or even just to clear my mind a little. Something good for the soul!
Be Inspired!

- Emily

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