Thursday, April 5, 2007

Alaskan Treasure on the Horizon

Well it's springtime in Alaska ... still early in the season for us. The sun is just starting to peak over the magnificent Chugach Mountain range surrounding Anchorage. It's just the right time of year for me to witness this glorious sight ... the sun's rays spilling over the snow capped peaks as I drive down the hill from my house to Old Seward Highway. It's a wonderful way for my day to start. We are in what we call "break up" season now. In town, the huge snow piles are melting during the day and mud seems to be everywhere. It's pretty much pointless to wash the car till May. During this time Alaskans start getting a little crazy, eager for the brown to be replaced by gorgeous lush greenery. And although my winter patience dwindles, invariably I know that the treasure of an Alaskan summer is worth waiting for.

~ Laurie

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