Thursday, July 26, 2007

Adobe + Alaska Stock = Convenience

I have to admit, I think Adobe is the best thing to happen to designers and photographers this decade. The interface between applications, tools and attention to digital developments make Adobe workspaces incredibly convenient.

Did you know you can find a selection of Alaska Stock's Royalty Free offerings through your Adobe Bridge browser? As the sole contributing Alaskan agency to Adobe Stock Photos via our partner, IPN, Alaska Stock RF can be quickly accessed through Adobe Bridge by choosing File > Browse from any of the Adobe Creative Suite® family products. But wait ... it gets better: You can also access images from our sister agency,

StockPile is a collection of royalty-free stock photos made by a wide-range of talented photographers and spans the gamut of global life experiences including: adventure sports, the natural world, everyday life, travel, holidays, food, home, wildlife, art and conceptual visions.

Don't have the Creative Suite, yet? Just check out the latest Holiday RF (tons of new images) by clicking here:

Okay, it's a shameless ploy on my part, but I can't help being proud about the way Alaska Stock has grown (even if I am ever-so-slightly biased)!
~ Laurie

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