Monday, August 13, 2007

Goodbye to the Analog World .... We're Going Green!

Big news here on the Alaskan front ... Alaska Stock is leaving the analog world behind! We're revamping our files and recycling like crazy. While we're keeping our original transparencies in-house for quick rescanning if needed, we've returned all the old slides dups we used to send out to clients for submissions. Gone are the days of printing delivery memos for every comp scan sent. We are emailing invoices whenever clients will accept electronic transmissions and looking into streamlining procedures to send electronic reports and commissions to our photogs and subagents.

Our office looks like a tornado came through it and these guys haven't been much help! Already we've freed up a ton of space. Phase two is a new coat of paint with accent walls and hardwood flooring. Phase three will be revamping workstations and installing energy efficient lighting. We're still trying to talk Jeff into napping pods for the staff!!!

If you'd like to go green and save a tree ... just send an email to and tell me you'd prefer to have your invoices emailed instead of sent via snail mail. Thanks!
~ Laurie

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