Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Downtown Anchorage goes wireless!

Ok, not yet, but it looks like the mayor of Anchorage is moving that direction. Reports in today's ADN tell that a wireless company has been selected to provide free wireless internet throughout downtown Anchorage. This will be the trial area for the company and potentially the whole city could go to free wireless!

Alaska has always been known for being one of the most wired states in the US. Because the state is so large and so many people live in very rural communities, once the internet became accessible, these rural areas jumped at the chance to get wired. Everything from educational opportunities to Christmas shopping has become normal life for the remote villages.

So, this July, dowtown will also become an oasis for internet users...locals and visitors alike! But beware Big Brother, the mayor could also have plans to run a high-performance camera enabling police officers in their cars to send or receive video from the scene of an accident or incident.

But the upside is that perhaps one of our next blogs will be from a cafe downtown while sipping on a cup of coffee!

~ gina

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