Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New upcoming images!

Holiday images what.... in June?

This past week I've been working on a large submission of about 300 +/- holiday images into our system here at Alaska Stock. It's been a bit weird entering in all these keywords when it's sunny outside and our office is just heating up. My head is filled with words like; winter, Christmas, holiday, celebration, and seasonal; but outside I'm thinking warm, sun, and how much more I want this summer inching it's way to us to just kick in.

We always have a plethora of images coming in from our various photographers; great new creative ideas, always newly captured adventures, truly "Alaskan" inspiring photos. We feel very fortunate to be spread out in order to cover our entire huge state, to bring you those fresh photos you may be looking for. So jump on in and take a look at some great images that say Alaska; to see what our creative photographers are seeing through the eyes of their camera; something that may inspire you to pick up your own and GO WILD in the state that's now called "Big Wild Life."

-Emily Sloth

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